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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Let me tell you about my wonderful weekend...

Friday: It was a sun filled 80 degree day. My friend Susan and I headed toward the beach in New Buffalo. The morning started with a tasty breakfast at "Rosie's" and then we did a little window shopping. I found a real cute pair of croc boots for only $20 but I forgot to go back and buy them. Bummer. Around 11:30 our toes were in the sand and we were soaking up the rays. The beach was extremely peaceful as most kids in the area are back to school. As always with Susan, the conversation was endless and wonderful.

Saturday: It was another sun filled day. This time the high temp was about 85 degrees. First, I took Olivia for a haircut in the morning. She had mentioned to me the cut she wanted (right above her shoulders) and I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it myself this time. I took her to the girl that does my hair because she was running a $5 "back to school" special. Jackpot. I must say, the cut is cute-cute-cute. Afterward, Olivia and I - along with my mom went to Art Beat in downtown. Local artists (drawing, painting, jewelry, ceramics, etc) display and sell their items. This year I read that over 10,000 people enjoyed the day. I know a good time was had by all.

Sunday: Oh yes! Yet again another sun filled day with a high of about 90 degrees. Hot-Hot-Hot. Olivia and I were invited by Susan (mentioned above in my Friday info) and her daughter to join them at their club's pool. Swimming and laying in the sun? Why sure, we'd love to join you! The girls went swimming and swimming and swimming while Susan and I talked and talked and talked while enjoying the sunshine. At the pool, the whistle blows every 45 minutes and kids get out so adults can get in. LOVE IT. Around supper time we parted ways to end our weekend and get ready for another work/school week.

I so enjoyed the sunny, hot weekend knowing that they are so few and far between with the onset of fall in a few short weeks. Although I love the colors of fall, I'm going to miss the heat of summer.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And she's off......

Today is the first day of a new school year for us!

My daughter has made a switch from a small private Christian school to a large public middle school. Although my husband, Olivia and I toyed with all elements in making this decision, we feel we made the right choice. The middle school is for 6th through 8th grade and with Olivia starting 6th grade, it seemed the perfect time to make a change. I am excited about the opportunities she'll be given in her new school.

Another big change for this year is the fact Olivia will be riding a school bus for the first time ever to and from school. She's thrilled! When she started kindergarten so many years ago (or so it seems), I remember her being very disappointed because she would not be riding a bus. We'll see how long the trill lasts - maybe a week or two (haha).

I'll be anxious to pick her up from the bus stop to hear all about her first day of 6th grade. Oh, and then we're off to the first football game of the season.

And so it begins....