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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ribbon Tree

Yesterday while I was out Black Friday shopping, I was also looking for some neat decorations to finish my mantle. It just needed a little more something on each end.

At Hobby Lobby I became inspired. I saw a Christmas tree made out of ribbon. The colors weren't for me and neither was the price (even at 1/2 off). BUT, I thought, I could do that. I could make that ribbon tree. So, off to the different departments I went for what I needed. I hit the jackpot for the ribbon. All of it was 1/2 off - so each roll was only $2.50. Then I knew I would need a topper. I got that little cutie for 1/2 off also - so it only cost me 50 cents. That's right...2 quarters. I needed a styrofoam tree shape but gosh were the expensive and not on sale. For that item I headed to Michael's with my 50% off anything coupon. And for another $2.50 I walked out with the last of the items I needed. I knew I would need little pins to attach the ribbon to the foam, but I had those at home already. Total project cost $8.00. Rock on!

To make the tree, I needed the ribbon cut into 4" pieces. Then, starting at the bottom I just did row after row after row of alternating ribbon. Each piece was folded (but without a crease) and then pinned to the styrofoam. Here are some pictures of what I did.
The Styrofoam Tree

The ribbon cut into 4" pcs

The first row of ribbon on the tree

The finished Project

Oh how I LOVE how this turned out. I seriously think I might make a couple for gifts this year.

How about you? Have you made any crafts for the holiday? If so, let me know so I can be inspired some more.

Happy Crafting!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Oh how I LOVE Black Friday. Did I mention I LOVE Black Friday?

Today I was up at 3:15 and out the door about 3:45ish. My day consisted of 12 hours of shopping - and - I loved every (almost) minute of it. I was in and out of 16 stores...that's right ONE SIX. I didn't buy something in every store, but most of them I did. I had my list and I checked it twice. I was successful in some stores and not so much in others. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

How about you? Did you shop on Black Friday? If so, I hope you had as good of a day as I did.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Here's a big Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog friends.

I hope you all enjoy your time with friends and family.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It's been awhile since I've blogged and quite honestly, sometimes I don't feel like I have anything worthy of writing. Today I'm just going to jot down some things as they pop into my mind. Random..I know, but that's ok. Enjoy your week.

* Today we're celebrating Thanksgiving
* I'm so ready to put up Christmas decorations
* My kitchen smells so good because of the pumpkin/cream cheese loaf and apple crisp I just made
* I've already started my Christmas shopping
* I hope my Step-Son comes home safe from Kuwait in about 3 weeks
* I can't believe we're already planning our family vacation for next June
* My daughter accidentally scratched the screen of my new cell phone and I'm not happy
* It's going to get really cold this week (38 for the high on Thursday)
* Sometimes I don't understand why I'm so selfish
* It will be my 20 year anniversary at my job in January. Yes, 20 years!
* My oldest Step-Son and his girlfriend just left for their "new life" in Oregon
* I wish I could be more organized
* Diet Coke is my favorite cold drink
* I love flavored coffee
* My husband is outside raking leaves while I'm inside on the computer

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shopping Fix

Ok, I am super excited about this weekend. I'm going on a girls get-away shopping trip with my mom and two of my sister-in-laws.

First, we're leaving tomorrow morning for Gurnee Mills in Gurnee, IL. It's an indoor outlet mall with lots and lots of stores. We're spending the night (thanks to hotel points from my brother) and then on Sunday morning we're traveling to Bolingbrook, IL to spend a good portion of the day at IKEA.

My list is made and I've checked it twice. I hope to find some great deals. There's nothing better then a good deal when shopping.

Oh, just typing the words "Gurnee Mills" and "IKEA" puts a smile on my face.

It's going to be so much fun I can't stand it. I hope your weekend is filled with the fun things you like to do.

Until next time.....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pictures

This year it was like pulling teeth to get a couple shots of Olivia in her Halloween costume. I know, she's getting older and it's just not "cool". But I just can't help myself. Here are a few pictures I did manage to take.

I must admit, I wish she would have dressed a little more creative this year, but this year her decision was to wear jeans, a plaid shirt and a werewolf mask. She had a good time and that's really all that matters, right?

One fun thing my husband likes to do each Halloween is play themed music on his keyboard with a fog machine for effect while dressed up like a scary person. Although some kids do find it scary, most find it fascinating and stand to watch/listen while their parents patiently wait to continue on. Here are a few pictures of my husband. Such a handsome guy...

I hope you and yours had a great Halloween weekend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Did you vote?
If not, there is still time no matter what state you live in.