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Monday, February 27, 2012

Will I Ever Win?

Will I ever win a giveaway that I enter on blogs? Maybe; maybe not. It's still fun to try. Also, it gives me an opportunity to see what kind of cool things are out in cyberspace.

How about you? Do you ever win? Would you like a chance to win?

Head over to Tatertots and Jello for your chance to win a super cute necklace.

Good luck!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Saturday

When I went to bed Friday night, I had my mind set on getting.things.done. on Saturday. Period.

Well, when I woke up this morning and had a minor headache (thankfully it wasn't a migraine), I knew my day would be different than I had planned, but remained hopeful. Also, Mother Nature decided that Northern Indiana needed about 2-3 inches of wet, heavy snow. Man, sometimes she just doesn't play nice.

Before I could leave to run a few errands, I needed to shovel the driveway. Oh yeah, our snow blower decided it would break a few weeks ago so shoveling it was. I figured for starters I would just do my side of the drive. Well, after I was done, I needed to come in and relax. It was hard work for this totally out of shape me. After running errands, I shoveled the other half of the driveway. I knew what to expect, but it was still a lot of hard work.

I had a couple loads of laundry to finish from yesterday so I did those and then totally, out of the blue, decided I would paint the lower half our our small bathroom. It's been driving me crazy for a long time and I guess it just got the best of me today.

So, paint brush in hand, I painted. It was such a small area, that I got both coats done in a matter of a few hours. Man, it's such a good feeling.

There you have it; my Saturday. Maybe I'll do something spur of the moment tomorrow too. Well, ok, I won't push my luck.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend. Until next time.....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I should be.....

I should be cleaning my house, but I'm not.

I should be painting my half bath, but I'm not.

I should be getting supper ready, but I'm not.

I should be organizing my scrapbook room, but I'm not.

I should be running some errands, but I'm not.

I should be straightening my family room, but I'm not.


You get the picture. I'm simply not doing anything today that is productive. I'll regret it tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'll just enjoy a whole bunch of nothing.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

You could win

Want a chance to win a $40.00 store credit from Monogram Chick?

If so, head over to In This Wonderful Life for your opportunity.

Best of luck to you all!

Friday, February 10, 2012


I've been having a great day off. I am getting organized with all the professional pictures I've had taken of Olivia.

Beginning when she was 6 weeks old, I had her picture taken every 3 months until she was a year old. After that I took her annually (on or around her birthday) until she started school. Once she started school, I've relied on the school pictures to continue the yearly tradition.

One snag I came across today is that I can't find her 5th grade photo. I do remember she was sick on picture day and had to have them done on re-take day. For some reason, the envelope is empty. Ugh! I've contacted the company that took the pictures to see if I can order an 8x10. I'm waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed!

I have all the pictures framed from 6 weeks old to 4 years old (a total of 9 pictures) but they are not displayed. All the other pictures are loose in an envelope. I'm struggling to decide if I want to frame them all and hang them (not sure where) or unframe the 9 pics and do a single scrapbook page for each of them in a scrapbook.

Honestly, I would love to have them all on display, but logically, I think it seems more practical to put them in an album and keep it in the living room for people to look through.

Decisions, decisions!

How about you? Do you have pictures collected like I do? How do you have them organized?

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm taking a quick break from doing some organizing today and my mind is racing with some random thoughts. Here they are:

  • It makes no difference to me who wins the super bowl. I've never been a football fan. Weird, I know.

  • My organizing today is in Olivia's room. While doing this, I've come across her baby book and other things from when she was born. Let's just say my eyes have not been very dry while doing this task. Ugh; to think that was almost 13 years ago.

  • I've got my last load of laundry in the washing machine. I actually like to do laundry. I love the smell of my fabric softener.

  • Olivia has a dance at school on Friday and she's already planning what she will wear. Ha!

  • I've got to get online and get a hotel picked out for my mom and her husband. They need an overnight stay in Florida before heading to the Bahamas. Yes, I'm jealous!

  • The check has cleared for the down payment of our summer vacation. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. I can't believe we're doing it.

  • I'm already thinking of my yearly shopping trip to Gurnee Mills and Ikea. Now, it's not til November, so it's a little silly to think about it now. Oh well.

  • Last night I had the house to myself. Tom had a gig and Olivia spent the night at a friend's house. I didn't do much. Blog hopped and creeped on facebook!

Well, that's enough for now. Gotta get back upstairs so I can be productive.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!