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Friday, March 19, 2010

Award Winner - Happy 101

I am pleased to announce that my friend, Susan awarded me this Happy 101 award. She's a true friend!
In order to feel obliged to receive this award, I need to indicate 10 things that make me happy. She had a great post with pictures and the whole nine yards. I'm doing this post on my new work computer and have absolutely NO pictures downloaded.

Here's my list (in no certain order)....

1) My family

2) My four day work week

3) Cracker Barrel

4) Warm weather desinations - traveling

5) A large diet coke with extra ice from McDonalds

6) Shopping

7) Scrapbooking

8) Watching my niece play softball

9) A clean, uncluttered house

10) Listening to my husband jam on his keyboards

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