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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We did it....we got my daughter a cell phone. We were trying to wait for at least another year, but, well....we just did it.

It was time for an upgrade and contract renewal for my husband and I so the timing seemed to be just right to add another line. It's just $9.99/month, right? Huh, not so much. By the time you add this and choose this phone instead of that one, it's a little more than $10/month.

(Olivia's phone - Samsung Intensity)

(My new phone - Samsung Reality)

I will have to admit, the comfort zone of being able to reach my daughter at pretty much all times is welcoming. She is LOVING every minute of having a phone and is a speed demon already at entering information and sending text messages.

The one thing we didn't do yet was get insurance on her phone. Considering the fact she dropped it before we even left the store tells me it's something I need to act on and soon. HA....it's ONLY $6.99/month.

Hopefully we're set for another 2 years on cell phones.

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