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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Whatever is on my mind right now; that's what this post is about. Here it goes:

  • Had brunch with my good friend Susan today. It was long overdue.
  • Trying to get my house clean is like trying to get a tan in February (in Northern Indiana)
  • I need to run some errands, but don't feel like using that much gas
  • Tom doesn't have any gigs this weekend. Kind of nice that we can get stuff done outside.
  • Olivia got her report card last week. One subject has me kind of concerned.
  • Leighton is getting so big and is really starting to be mobile. Oh gosh, time to baby-proof.
  • We're going to get family pictures taken in July.
  • I cannot wait for our vacation. Less than 2 months.
  • I bought a tanning package and can't wait to start going. Unfortunately, it will take quite a few sessions to notice a difference
  • Lemon juice and water-it's what Olivia sprayed on her hair trying to lighten it.
  • I don't like having garage sales, but I love going to them.
  • We traded our Nissan Altima in for a Nissan Rogue last month. I need to do a post on that.
  • Tom is still driving his jeep that is almost 12 years old.
  • Next year at this time we will be picking Olivia's high school schedule. No, I cannot believe it.
  • Also next year at this time, my step-daughter will be graduating from college. Can't believe that either.
  • The washing machine is off balance-i hate it when that happens. So noisy!

Yep, all of this is random but it was on my mind so now it's on my blog.

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. I love your new blog design!! I hope your having a great day:) thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!