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Monday, May 14, 2012

It was a great day

Yesterday was a great Mother's Day. We spent the day at my mom's house with family. Nothing better than that! 

Gifts were exchanged. We talked. We ate. We laughed. We took pictures. Lots of pictures.

Here just a couple pictures that I grabbed from my niece's facebook page (I haven't downloaded mine yet). I just love them. Simple treasures, that's for sure! 

My younger brother Tate, older brother Todd, my mom and me

My mom with the Grandkids that were able to make it. My niece Aubrie (yellow shirt), my step-daughter Emily (dark hair/glasses), my nephew Evan (red shirt), my mom and my daughter, Olivia (blue shirt)

I hope your Mother's Day was sweet, peaceful and everything you hoped it would be.

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