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Friday, September 2, 2011

Unexpected Hospital Stay

Well, I had an unexpected hospital stay this week. Here's my story:
On Wednesday morning about 10:30 I started experiencing some sharp/burning pains in my chest. The pain was in the front and in the back. Thinking it might be heartburn, I took a couple tums and continued on with my day. A little bit later, the pain continued and I started feeling limp in my right arm. The only thing I thought was something was wrong with my heart.
A co-worker drove me to Med-Point for some testing. They did an EKG and found nothing wrong. Their policy with chest patients is to call for an ambulance for transportation to the hospital. I did not feel the need for an ambulance but did have my co-worker take me there. The hospital knew I was coming and had a room ready for me. After another EKG, lots of blood work and a chest x-ray they didn't find anything wrong. Thank goodness! However, the ER doctor thought it was best that I stay the night and have a stress test done the following morning to check for any blockage not noticed on the above mentioned tests.
I cried. I DID NOT want to spend the night. Who was going to get my daughter from the bus stop? Who was going to take her to the football game I promised her? I had some time to think about it and talked it over with Tom. Ok, I decided I would stay. My mom was going to help with Olivia...picking her up AND taking her to the football game. What would I do without my family?
The evening at the hospital was uneventful. I had started to feel better late afternoon and, you know me, 2nd guessed if I should have committed to stay.
My stress test (walking/jogging on a treadmill while being hooked up to tons of wires) went well. NO PROBLEMS WERE FOUND. No blockage, no nothing. Thank the good Lord!
I was released about 2:00 on Thursday afternoon and came home to nothing but rest. Lots of rest. I have a follow up appointment made with a new doctor to discuss my stay/results and try to determine just what the heck caused me to feel so bad. I continue to feel good and have had no more pain since Wednesday.
Cheers to my good heart!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so sorry to hear this!!! I must call you!!!