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Friday, November 4, 2011


Today I'm wondering just how many projects I can start and not finish. That just seems to be my "normal" lately. I can't stay focused on one thing. It's frustrating.
I've got piles here and piles there. Piles, piles EVERYWHERE! Ugh...it doesn't make sense.
Example: I'll start organizing and straightening one room and when I head to another to put something away, I stay in that room and start a project. Why do I do that? It makes for a long day of getting nothing done. NOTHING.
I know what you're thinking about now - Get off the computer and get back to one of the many projects you have going on. Ok, ok I'm going to. Just as soon as I check Facebook and see what's new on Pinterest. Ha!
Hopefully my next post will be more positive and I might even be able to let you know what I've gotten accomplished.
Until then.....Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Oh how I feel what your saying!! I am like this EVERYDAY!! I have missed seeing and chatting with you, we must get together!!