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Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Saturday

When I went to bed Friday night, I had my mind set on getting.things.done. on Saturday. Period.

Well, when I woke up this morning and had a minor headache (thankfully it wasn't a migraine), I knew my day would be different than I had planned, but remained hopeful. Also, Mother Nature decided that Northern Indiana needed about 2-3 inches of wet, heavy snow. Man, sometimes she just doesn't play nice.

Before I could leave to run a few errands, I needed to shovel the driveway. Oh yeah, our snow blower decided it would break a few weeks ago so shoveling it was. I figured for starters I would just do my side of the drive. Well, after I was done, I needed to come in and relax. It was hard work for this totally out of shape me. After running errands, I shoveled the other half of the driveway. I knew what to expect, but it was still a lot of hard work.

I had a couple loads of laundry to finish from yesterday so I did those and then totally, out of the blue, decided I would paint the lower half our our small bathroom. It's been driving me crazy for a long time and I guess it just got the best of me today.

So, paint brush in hand, I painted. It was such a small area, that I got both coats done in a matter of a few hours. Man, it's such a good feeling.

There you have it; my Saturday. Maybe I'll do something spur of the moment tomorrow too. Well, ok, I won't push my luck.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend. Until next time.....

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  1. Nice! Very productive! Now, can you come to my house??? LOL