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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Way, It Can't Be

Sorry, but I'm just not believing the calendar says tomorrow is August 1st. There is NO WAY it can be this close to the end of summer and beginning of another school year. Where has time gone?

I've had one heck of a fun summer and I sure don't want it to end. Our weather has been very nice for laying out, going to the beach, swimming and other fun outdoor stuff. It's hard to believe leaves will be falling soon and I'll be back to wearing shoes and socks. Wait, NO.....I refuse to think about that quite yet.

Our vacation this summer to Gulf Shores was the highlight of June. My sister-in-law from South Carolina just left after visiting for a week. That was our highlight of July. I'm anxious to see what the highlight of August will be for the memory book.

What about you? Have you had an enjoyable summer? Are you ready to move on to cooler temps or are you wishing Summer would last forever? Regardless, I hope it's all good.

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  1. I agree with you...where did our summer go! Maybe a beach day is in store for us:)