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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Groove, Inc.

This post is about my husband, Tom and the band he's in called Groove, Inc. Tom has been playing keyboards for over 40 years. He's been in many, many bands during his late teen/adult years. Some he has enjoyed tremendously, some not so much. This band, he L-O-V-E-S.
The guys in the band each have multiple years of experience in their own field of instrument. Each guy is a family man and takes their music seriously. They get a long great and truly enjoy and appreciate each other. That's hard to find (according to Tom).
Band members are:
Tom - keyboards
JR - vocals
John - guitar
Bill - bass
Shawn - drums
Some of the artists they play are:
Journey, Styx, AC/DC, Foreigner, Great White, Bon Jovi, Ted Nugent, Maroon 5 and many others. Lots and lots of good dance music.
Most weekends they are playing either Friday and Saturday nights, or at least one or the other. Very rarely do they have a weekend off. When they do, it's kind of odd having Tom home during the evenings (ha).
Last night the band played as close to home as possible (about 20 minutes from our house) and so we got a group of about 20 people to head out to support the band. They did not dissapoint. A GREAT time was had by all. Here are a few pictures of the night.

To end the post, I'll leave you with this video of Tom doing what he does best! Enjoy!

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  1. What a GREAT post!! Love the video!! Sorry we missed him, maybe next time!