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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm thinking ahead. I have a deadline. I'm getting off track.

These things are running through my mind as I start to work on my niece's graduation gift. I know, it's not until June, but there is a lot of organizing to be done between now and then. My niece is a a softball player and has been playing since she was 5 years old. As much as I would like to "go down memory lane" for the past 13 years for her, I think I would go insane trying to. I've decided for her graduation gift, I'm going to put together a scrapbook of her high school years playing softball. I have a really cool scrapbook and tons of supplies to get started. I'm really excited to get this project going.

I've taken a ton of pictures over the years and gathering them is going to be the most time consuming. That's why I'm starting now. All the pictures are on CD's - HOWEVER - going through the multiple CD's I have over the past 3 years to find what I need is a lot of work. I'll do it; I just need to stick with it.

That's where I come to the "getting off track" statement. Looking through older pictures has been quite entertaining. I seem to be taking more time than I probably should to reminisce about the pictures I'm finding. Oh, it's so much fun though!

Well, anyway, I've gotten started and for that I'm thankful. I guess a little time spent on the project here and there will all make it worth while in the end. I'll try to remember to post pictures along the way.

I can visualize the finished project and smile at what I see.

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  1. You are a such a great aunt! She will so appreciate this gift...it will be something she will surely treasure. I'm so glad we are friends, you inspire me! :))) Hope you are having a great day!