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Thursday, February 25, 2010


At our house, we're American Idol freaks. We've been watching since Season 2. From January to May, we're glued to the television on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Until they get to the top 10, we'll actually be glued on Thursday nights too for the results. Wow, that's a lot of American Idol.

The auditions have been over for awhile and those that survived advanced to Hollywood week. That, too has ended and the actual singing competition started this week. The top 12 girls sang on Tuesday and the top 12 guys sang on Wednesday. Tonight were the results with 2 girls and 2 guys getting voted off. Did your favorite advance? Mine did! Next week might be another story. You just never know with America voting. Quite honestly, I think America got it wrong for 3 out of 4 this week. Here are the 4 that got voted off this week.
Janelle Wheeler
Ashley Rodriquez

Tyler Grady

Joe Munoz

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  1. Yes, I agree on one of them... I loved Tyler!! I wish they would have just given him more time to prove himself! He was very entertaining and fun to watch:) We over here at the Mason household have been very unimpressed with the idols this year:(( No ONE really stands out... yet ... we shall see...