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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I thought about naming my blog 'THE QUEEN OF CLEARANCE' but then decided against it. After doing a little shopping today, I might have to reconsider that.

Ok, so here's the deal (literally).....

I stopped in at Kohl's but didn't buy a single thing. Quite honestly, I didn't find any really good deals. I never buy anything full price, so I was only looking at the clearance racks. After Kohl's I went to The Christmas Tree Shop. It's new to our area and I absolutely LOVE it. Their Valentine's stuff was 50% off so I was sure to pick up a few decorations for next year. Oh yeah, and I couldn't pass on a bag of DOVE chocolates for only $1.50!! Then, I saw it! A rack of Christmas stuff clearanced out for, get this, only 8 cents EACH. That's right...you heard me, 8 cents for each Christmas item left over. I know this picture isn't the best, but you can see I got 3 metal signs, a wooden decoration and an ornament all for only 40 cents TOTAL. Can you say, ROCK ON? I know, you're jealous.

Well, my luck wasn't over. I headed to the mall. Quite precisely, J.C. Penney. I had received a $10.00 coupon if I spend $10.00. Yep, basically I could get $10.00 worth of merchandise for FREE. As I browsed, I selfishly looked in only my sections of the store. Once again I was lured to the different clearance racks spread throughout the store. I found two long sleeve t-shirts (one of them with a cute Christmas saying) and a cable knit turtleneck sweater that I really liked. I even tried them on just to make sure they would fit. After being 3 for 3 in the dressing room, I did the math and realized I was going to be getting one heck of a good deal AGAIN. The sales clerk rang up my purchases and told me (after deducting my coupon) that I owed her a whopping 79 cents. Yep, you heard me right again. All 3 items cost me under $1.00. Here's a picture of my 3 new items.


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  1. I MUST go shopping with you!! Great deals! I love your new look too:) Rock on girlie:)