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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All Alone

I recently made a post on facebook wondering if I was the only one who doesn't mind going alone to see a movie. A cousin of mine said she would never do it - the others said they would.

It's not that I want to go by myself; it's just that I really don't mind going by myself. It might be a situation where no one else can go when I can or maybe no one wants to see the same flick that I do.

Last weekend I went to see JUST GO WITH IT at 9:30am. I know, I know; that is kinda early. No one else in my house was awake yet and I was already done reading the newspaper and looking through the sale ads. Why not go? So I did. The best thing too, is that any movie before noon at the theater I prefer is only $2.50. Yep, $2.50. Oh, that's not all...a small popcorn is only $1.25 and a medium drink is only $1.25. So for a mere $5.00 I had myself a nice little morning.

How about you? Would you go by yourself to see a movie?

I'm thinking a Sunday morning tradition may be in the works for me!!

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