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Friday, April 1, 2011

Just A Couple Things

I'm on Vacation

Starting today I'm on vacation and don't have to go back to work until Monday the 11th. I'm pretty excited to have some time off. Olivia is on Spring break next week which is why I took the week off. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my husband is busy at work and won't be taking time off with us. Just we girls will be going to Indianapolis for 2 nights/3 days. There was talk about maybe Olivia taking a friend, but I think I'm glad it will be just the two of us. Some mother/daughter bonding time. While we're there we are going to see The Acro Cat show. We saw them on Animal Planet and were surprised when we looked them up online that they would be in Indy the same time we are. Another fun activity is our plan to tour Lucas Oil Stadium-home of the Indianapolis Colts. Olivia is so looking forward to this. Have you ever seen the commercials for the Edible Arrangements? You know, the fruit arrangements that can be ordered and delivered like flowers? Well, there are a few stores close to where we're staying so that is something we plan too. For some reason, Olivia is fascinated with them and wants one. They are kinda up there in price (in my opinion), but I did tell her she could get one since it's vacation time.

Bathroom Re-Do

For the past couple weeks I've been working little by little to re-do our main bathroom upstairs. It started by removing the old tub surround that was cracking. I should have known better that it would be that simple. It's obvious now why the previous owners had a tub surround up. When we moved 8 years ago, I brought my old motif with us. Well, I finally got sick and tired of it. We went from a gold shell theme to a black/white and red zebra theme. It's totally fun. It's not done but this is what I've done so far: put up a new shower curtain (zebra), painted our vanity black and attached red pull knobs, painted our medicine chest black and painted one wall red (the others I painted white). I still want to put up some zebra striped wall paper and border to finish the room. Oh, and I got new towels and rugs (red). It truly makes me feel good to walk in there now.

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  1. I would just LOVE to be on vacation right now -- enjoy every second of it!