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Thursday, January 12, 2012


For northern Indiana, we've had very little snow fall so far this winter. Many, including myself and my husband, are happy about this. Others, like my daughter and nephew, are not so happy. Tom and I hate shoveling/snowblowing and driving in it. Olivia and Evan like to play in it and ride snowmobiles. Oh, to be a kid again!!

According to our local weather teams, that is about to change.

For some areas around us, they are calling for 5 to 13 inches of that white stuff. Other areas are only expecting about 2 to 6 inches. Sometimes in our area, the snow prediction is a system going through our area, other times it is lake effect due to us being so close to Lake Michigan. (This is when it's not so nice to be close to the water. In the summer YES...in the winter NO.)

How about you? Do you live in an area that gets snow or do you live in an area that is green all the time?

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