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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Picture Overload - 1st Day of 8th Grade

My beautiful daughter, Olivia.

Traditional picture by the lamp post

A close up (I used the flash so she's a little whiter than normal)
Striking a natural "I'm 13 and cool" pose
First time for highlights. She LOVES them.
Today is Olivia's last first day of middle school. Next year, it's on to the high school. She'll be one of over 3,000 kids. Yeah, that's H.U.G.E.! But, let's not go there yet. We'll get thru 8th grade and then move on.
This morning went very smooth. Olivia got up to her own alarm and ipod. She got ready, had breakfast and let me take pictures. Then, she was off. I did text her once I knew she was on the bus to see how everything was going. I'm sure she was overwhelmed with socializing because I never heard from her. Go figure.
I'm anxious to see how her first day was and read paperwork she'll bring home regarding supplies, etc that each teacher will require.
Here's to hoping the rest of the school year is as smooth as the first day.
A girl can dream, right?


  1. Great photos and beautiful young lady! She looks like her momma:) It is overwhelming to think they will be freshman next year, already!!! ugh...can't wait to catch up!

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