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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1 of 31 - Introducing Myself

So, you've probably all seen other bloggers talk about the 31 days of October challenge and picking a topic to discuss each day of the month. I'm not a great blogger; or even a good blogger. However, I'm going to give it a shot. Not sure it will work, but you never know. If I don't get on every day, I'll try to at least keep up by posting every few days or once a week. I'm nervous just thinking about this commitment!

Each day I will discuss a topic about myself. Interesting? Probably not, but who better to write about me, then ME!

Let's begin day 1 of 31
Topic is: Introducing myself and a little background

I was born in Northern Indiana in July of 1967 (yes, that makes me 46 years old). I was the second child born to my parents. I am 2 years younger than my older brother and 8 years older than my younger brother. Technically I'm the middle child, but because there are so many years between me and my little brother, my parents never considered me the middle. Nope, no middle child syndrome for this girl.

In my younger days I had red hair and lots of freckles. My hair has darkened (and grayed a little) with age; however, my freckles are still a part of my complexion. I struggled as a kid with these features, but have grown to embrace them the older I get.

I attended public school for grades K thru 12. My elementary school was grades K-8 and my high school was grades 9-12.  Both schools were neighborhood schools so I walked each day with other neighborhood kids. Those were the days!

So far, in my short 46 years, I have only lived in 3 houses. Yes, I said 3. All have been in the same city. The first move was from my parents house to my very first - paid for by myself - house when I was 25. It was only 7 houses away from where I grew up. Down the street 5 houses and around the corner 2. Yep, that's pretty darn close! Granted, I didn't have too much stuff since it was my first move-out, so the move was pretty simple. My second move was to the house I'm currently in. I've lived at this address for almost 11 years.

I'm happily married and have been for over 17 years. I have 3 step-children and 1 biological daughter. I also have a 2 year old step-grandson. Heck, talking about the family can be a post all in itself. I think I'll leave the details for another day this month.

Reading what I've typed so far makes me realize I could type forever. There's a lot to talk about. Hmmm, maybe I can do this challenge.

Possible day 2 topics are already invading my brain. I can't wait to see what's next.

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