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Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18 of 31 - Second Guessing

Topic is: Second Guessing

Remember my day 17 post from yesterday? You know, the one where I bragged about doing a stencil on my bathroom wall? Well, I wasn't able to get started today as I expected. My head decided to continue on with it's head cold and have a migraine on top of it all. I slept a lot longer than I planned and didn't want to get started on such a project knowing I could jog that migraine right back into my pretty little head.

Also, I talked to my beyond crafty sister-in-law who has done quite a bit of stenciling to get some pointers to help me out. Holy Heck Batman! After talking with her I'm second guessing (hence the name of this post) on whether or not I even want to tackle the what I thought was going to be a simple project, project. Seriously, I might not even start.

I'll be honest, I will be super disappointed if it comes to that. I really, really wanted this to work out. I will see how I feel tomorrow and Sunday and maybe, just maybe, get started. If not, I guess I'll bite the bullet and spend the money for wallpaper.

I feel like such a failure and I haven't even failed yet. How's that for confidence? Bummer.

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  1. My dear friend, I, too, have had a lot of migraines this past week so I can totally understand the disappointment! But I know you and I feel confident that you will do a great job on your project!! Good luck girly!!!