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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30 of 31 - World Series

Topic is: World Series

So, have you been watching the World Series? I like baseball but I haven't been watching all the games from start to finish. Honestly, when I do watch, it's to see if I have won. Yes, me.

I contributed $5.00 to be in a pool and possibly win some money. I've played football pools before, but never baseball. It's kind of weird. My numbers are 8 for St Louis and 4 for the Red Sox. With these numbers, the chances of me winning are very slim. As a matter of fact, probably not at all. These have been some low scoring games people.

Here's how this pool is set up: the first three games paid out $100 to each of those winners. The final game (which could be tonight) pays out $200.00. Oh gosh how I could use that money.

So this is what needs to happen. The Cardinals need to win tonight so it forces game 7. Then, the Cardinals need to win tomorrow 8-4. There we go, done deal.

I'm really hoping St Louis can pull this off!
Go Cardinals!

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