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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3 of 31 - My Daily Routine

Topic is: My daily routine

My weekday mornings begin at 5:30; sometimes 5:45. This works best for me because I'm able to get into the bathroom (that Olivia and I share) before I wake her up at 6:00.

First, I shower and/or freshen up. After that, I put on my make up. Usually it's then time to wake up Olivia. While Olivia is eating breakfast, I blow dry and straighten my hair. I then get dressed and brush my teeth.

It's been working out each morning for me to help Olivia with her hair. It's gotten long and is much easier for me to straighten it for her. Once my morning routine is done, I can help Olivia.

By 7:10 I am ready to leave the house for work. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to work so I can start my work day around 7:30.  Most days I work until 4:00 or so.

Evenings are very quiet and simple at our house. Most nights we are home either watching TV or playing on our iphones, computers, etc. I try to call it a day around 10:30; sometimes it's 11:00.

Pretty much that sums up Monday thru Thursday. I'm fortunate to not work on Friday's so that has it's own routine (or lack of) just like the weekends do.

That's it. My day in a short blog post.

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