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Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14 of 31 - Cats

Topic is: Cats

I am a cat person. Simply, a cat person. I grew up with cats and still have cats. Well, one cat right now.

When I was young, my cat's name was Meow. That's right. The only cat that could say it's own name. That's what my mom would always say.

After Meow, we had a stray find us around Christmas time. We named her Crissy.

When I moved into my own house, I got my own cat and named him Sarge. Sarge got his name because of the stripes on his tail. My dad thought it reminded him of a Sargent in the Army.

Once Sarge passed away I was done with furry friends for a while. I was heart broken and didn't want to start over. Also, we had our house on the market and I didn't want to mess with moving a cat from one house to another.

Soon after we got settled into our new home, a co-worker of my husband's was looking for a new home for her cat. Yeah, of course, we decided to take her. She was named Shadow. Low and behold, Shadow was pregnant and we didn't know it. Guess what? She had 7 kittens. Yep, 7! We were able to find homes for all of them. Unfortunately, we found a new home for Shadow as well because she thought my living room was a litter box. Nope, I don't do poop in the living room.

You would think that would have been the icing on the cake. Well, listen to this. In October of 2003, a friend of mine asked if I could do her a HUGE favor. The mother cat of 4 kittens had just been hit by a car and she was leaving on vacation for a week. Knowing I had just had kittens in my house earlier that year, she thought I would be the perfect person to care for these 2-1/2 week old kittens. Know what? They needed to be bottle fed just like a new born about every 2-3 hours. Guess who said yes? ME! I did it without asking my husband...oops!

So, my friend brings these cutest ever kittens over. They were super tiny and all fit in one wicker basket. After a week, I just couldn't give them up. I was attached. My family decided to keep two of them, my brother took one and the last one went back to the farm. We named our cats Bear and Squeaky. Bear was named because he looked like a black bear cub. Squeaky got his name because he was so squeaky as a kitten.

Bear is still with us and is thriving. Unfortunately, 2 months ago we had to put Squeaky to sleep because of some health issues but he lived a great 10 years.

I tell my family that when something does ever happen to Bear,  I want to be pet free. My daughter is not having any of that. Hopefully that fight won't come anytime too soon.

Cats are purr-fect to me!

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