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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16 of 31 - Heat or Blankets

Topic is: Heat or Blankets

Wow guys, once again I'm really struggling to pick a topic to post about. I'm realizing half way thru the month that my life is pretty simple. I use simple instead of boring cause it sounds better. LOL.

Now that the weather here in Northern Indiana is turning colder it's time to make a decision. Do we turn on the heat or add a few extra blankets to the bed.

You see, we have older windows in the house and unless the storm glass is closed, it is pointless to turn on the heat. Guess what? The storm glass isn't closed yet. With that being said, let's add another blanket to the bed!

I'm one that doesn't like to close up all the windows too soon, because you just never know when the temps will change and you want just a little more fresh air.

Don't get me wrong, I don't freeze us out of the house! I'm not opposed to turning on the heat, I just don't want to turn it on before it's really time. And really, the gas bill goes up the second that switch is flipped.

With that being said, our storm glass will be shut within the next few days because temps are only supposed to be a high of 52ish with lows around 38. Yes, down to almost freezing!

Stay warm and stay turned for tomorrow's post!

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